Supporting a compelling claim: Toothpaste

Our client wanted to drive share for its leading brand of toothpaste.

To achieve this, they sought a compelling claim that could be leveraged across several communication platforms.


Working with MMR, the client was aware that it had a product advantage over the competition. To take things to the next level, we designed a piece of research to pressure test this product advantage further – ensuring it was watertight enough to support a competitive claim. We appreciated that the research design must be able to withstand a challenge from a competitor.

We provided strong recommendations in terms of the sample used, the overall approach and the questionnaire design to make sure the research would stand up to such challenges.


Results indicated a clear advantage for the client’s product. We provided specific recommendations in terms of the claims that could be made using these results – and the wording that could and could not be used.


The client embraced our recommendation and was able to roll out a new impactful claim across various platforms in with full confidence.


Early client feedback has been encouraging.There are now plans to roll out the claim above the line – and we await the results of this and other initiatives.