Carrie loves... Louisiana Supreme


July 05, 2017

by Carrie Arndt

When I open my fridge, I know I’ll find four, maybe five kinds of hot sauce. 

Some might call me a connoisseur, but I just think I’m curious. I like that each one has a different kind of note – savory, or heavy on vinegar, slightly sweet, smooth, or thin like water. 

Louisiana Supreme Hot Sauce

But there’s one kind I reach for just about every time – the brand that convinces me to get up and go back to the grocery store whenever it runs out. To be honest, I can’t even remember the name. So what makes it special? It’s bright orange – and I mean REALLY bright. It's so distinctive I don't need to remember the name - I can spot it a mile away. Not quite radioactive, but lively enough to remind me of chicken wings at trivia night at the bar, surrounded by raucous friends. I like bringing that feeling home with me and enjoying it, even on a busy work night. 

And when I open the fridge looking for just the right hot sauce, I don’t hesitate – it’s the orange one, that’s so good it doesn’t need a name.

Carrie Arndt is a Research Associate at MMR NYC.