Speed is of the essence


August 29, 2017

by Lesley Potter

How can a modern Market Research agency deliver? Quite simply, we need to be more efficient.

Speed is of the essence today more than it ever has been. We value our time so much that we are no longer prepared to sit through TV adverts, to wait for the green man at pedestrian crossings or even to enter a 4-digit pin into a card payment machine. Frankly, we have better things to be doing with our time.

We want online shopping to be delivered the next day, taxis should be no more than a couple of minutes away at all times and we expect a whole array of TV viewings to be available at the touch of a button. Of course we don’t want to pay more or sacrifice quality for the privilege; we really do want to have our cake and eat it.

Given the pace at which modern society and consumer behavior is changing, our clients are facing increasing pressure to launch new products before competition, to react to the latest trends and to find ways to retain existing customers as well as to lure new ones – all while balancing tighter budgets. And to achieve those things, they need valuable consumer insight faster than ever.

So how can a modern Market Research agency deliver? Quite simply, we need to be more efficient. A “more hands to the pump” approach simply won’t cut it – especially with high personnel costs in economically developed countries.

We must instead focus on streamlining our processes. Are there quicker ways to do things without jeopardizing quality? Or better yet, can we actually improve quality while we’re at it? It should be no surprise that computers and automation are key to this. Just as technology is changing our personal lives (contactless payment, digital TV, mobile apps…), it can and should do the same in the workplace.

That isn’t to say that we’re planning on replacing our people with robots; we know full well that our people are what makes us great. After all, they are the ones who can listen to your needs, design research to fit and who can turn data into actionable insight. And those are exactly the kind of things that you pay us to do.

But if we can eliminate lower value added work from our human processes, we’ll not only be able to deliver quicker, but we’ll also have more time for the really important stuff. Simply put, we’ll be Rapidly Brilliant – and that’s exactly what we aspire to be. If we can save just 1 hour on every project, we will free up the equivalent of 19 weeks of someone’s time per year!


Here at MMR, Efficiency has been working its way up the agenda for a number of years and it now sits proudly alongside Creativity and Research Design at the top table. In fact, we believe in the merits of Efficiency so much so that we’ve dedicated four full time team members to pushing it forward.

In 2016 we launched MMR Express – a range of products which give you results in as little as 3 days. Through standardizing methodology and automating outputs, we can deliver faster while retaining that all-important human touch. Better still, the price tag will be sure to keep your Finance Director happy. Find out more here >

And there’s plenty more going on behind the scenes that will allow us to be Rapidly Brilliant across our full range of products - even the most bespoke ones. From seemingly insignificant tweaks to project management paperwork to a huge step change in our automation capabilities, approaches and strategy, it all contributes to an overall slicker, quicker operation.

The world around us is showing no signs of slowing down so we don’t plan to either!

Lesley Potter is Global Operations Manager at MMR.