Sensory Playbooks

Sensory Playbooks are your blueprint for transforming trends into impactful innovation. Find out more and get in touch below.

Inspire innovation that unlocks the power of sensory

Are you looking to innovate but need clarity on where the opportunity spaces are, or want to expand into a new category but don't know where to start?

Sensory Playbooks give brands a head start on their NPD - working from ideation and beyond. Combining commercially-viable trends with the power of sensory to set your next innovation up for success. Get in touch to find out how a Sensory Playbook can work for you.

What a Sensory Playbook can include

✔ Clear identification of NPD opportunity spaces
✔ Analysis of commercially-viable trends
✔ Key consumption moments to target
✔ Sensory analysis of in-market competition
✔ Pack and brand semiotics
✔ Support from our global team of sensory experts
✔ Fully customized innovation rulebook

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"The Sensory Playbook was a key part of our innovation journey. It enabled us to better define the opportunity, inspire ideas, and uncover sensory insights that we would not have seen with a consumer lens alone."

Global CMI Director, Mars Petcare

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You can receive...

✔ In-depth analysis of relevant trends
✔ NPD opportunity areas for your brand
✔ Consumer snapshots through Voxpopme
✔ Sensory-led in-depth interviews
✔ Conceptual language used in the category
✔ A breakdown of the key usage occasions
✔ Key ingredients for your innovation
✔ Sensory analysis of in-market products
✔ Support from our global team of sensory experts
✔ Product guidelines, covering the whole product, pack and usage experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sensory Playbooks, in more detail?
A Sensory Playbook is an in-depth trend and category exploration report, designed to identify sensory drivers of success across the full product experience to help new propositions truly stand out. It involves a detailed trend analysis, semiotic analysis of pack and social media platforms alongside expert tastings of relevant products in the category or adjacent categories of interest by MMR's Sensory Scientists. The voice of the consumer can also be brought in through video (through MMR's partnership with Voxpopme) or in-depth interviews.

How much does a Sensory Playbook cost?

The cost will vary depending on the level of consumer input you desire. Typically, projects in the UK start from £15,000, while projects in the US start from $17,000.

How long does it take to deliver a Sensory Playbook?
The time taken to deliver a Sensory Playbook varies depending on the scope of the project and the availability of products required for assessment. A typical project may take 5 weeks from kick off to presentation of findings.

What type of outputs do I get from a Sensory Playbook?
A Sensory Playbook delivers a detailed trend analysis followed by a breakdown of the emotional, functional and sensory guardrails across the full product experience such as consumption moments, conceptualizations, packaging – both visually and functionally – covering all five senses. They are best delivered to wider teams through a presentation or webinar, alongside an actionable report.

What level of involvement is needed by my team?

A Sensory Playbook is most effective when you work closely with us throughout the process. A close working relationship with regular check-ins ensures that the findings delivered are both actionable and realistic for your team to execute.

What regions can you cover
We are able to cover global projects and have experts based in the UK, US, Singapore and China who can deliver a Sensory Playbook.

I'm interested. What are the next steps?

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