Award Winning Brand, Sensory Through and Through


We believe so much in the power of concept profiling that MMR’s owners used the approach to develop the packaging of their award-winning Annandale whisky brand. The pack designs needed to communicate the personalities of the different Distillery expressions, whilst remaining meaningful to Annandale and relevant across global markets.

Annandale CS image 2
Annandale CS image 1


We used a combination of expert sensory profiling and concept profiling using target consumers to create a comprehensive landscape visualization. This led to a detailed creative brief that supported a consistent multi-sensory brand identity. Once initial designs were created, a series of pack tests using further concept and sensory profiling allowed us to identify the optimum pack designs to most strongly convey the brand's message.


As a result, Annandale was able to provide a bottle that best represented both the brand equity, along with the sensory profile of the liquid inside. The bottle designs won a prestigious Red Dot design award and the whiskies have since gone on to collect a number of industry awards including Best Single Cask Single Malt in the World-10 years and under, for two years running, and Gold and Silver medals at the IWSC in 2023.

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