Our in-house research innovation team.

Pioneering new tech for forward thinking brands.

Exploring, interpreting and implementing new technologies and methods. This is the sole focus of Nova, our in-house innovation team.

They work hard to uncover the kind of tech that will make a tangible difference to the quality and depth of insight we deliver. And there's nothing they like more than hearing about client challenges and sharing their experiences and observations. If you’re inclined, they will also provide unbiased views on up and coming technologies that are driving (or not!) better insight.

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We've recently been exploring...

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Voice interaction with devices has become a part of our everyday lives. And verbal data collection when consumers are interacting with a pack or product is an unobtrusive and natural way to access genuine, honest feedback. Nova has been exploring the advantages and limitations of the latest voice technology to understand how its application could advance our understanding of in-the-moment product experiences, and reduce intrusion on UX moments.

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‘Social scraping’ has been around for a while, with various companies over-promising on the insight they can actually deliver. Nova continuously tests these platforms to see how far they can go and how accurate the insights gleaned can be, only recommending the ones which deliver genuine value. We’ve partnered with specialists in written language and technology to develop a brand new tool for sensory-driven exploration of digital conversations.

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Quant & Qual

When Nova hosted a round table with clients, suppliers and researchers, one thing became strikingly clear. There’s a division in research between gathering enough data to ensure robust representation of your target, and understanding the complexity and depth of the question ‘why’. Or in other words, the perfect balance of quantitative and qualitative. We’re investigating ways of blending these specialisms to increase breadth, depth and efficiency in a single step. No more compromising.

Meet the Nova team.

Z TEAM Sarah Mole

Sarah Smith

Head Of Nova

Sarah’s worked in both quantitative and qualitative research fields, as well as stints as a brand consultant and a product designer; all of which stand her in good stead for looking into the weird and wonderful world of emerging technology and how its use can advance consumer insights.

Sarah loathes cooking (and is terrible by her own admission), but loves eating out and exploring cuisines through the effort of professional chefs (plus it gives her the chance for a sneaky cocktail or 2)! Being a mum, she maintains her sanity with a combination of yoga and oil painting; and regularly escapes into the world of crime fiction thrillers, trying to guess ‘who did it’ before the big reveal.

Z TEAM Luisa Robertson

Luisa Gibbons

Head of Product

Luisa is an 'MMR lifer', having played an active role across many areas of the business over the years. She currently focuses on developing solutions in response to client challenges, ensuring our toolkit is constantly evolving, that our deliverables are consistently hitting the mark, and that we always strive to put the consumer at the heart of innovation.

She's a self-confessed food & drink geek, often found snapping photos in supermarkets and trying out new things when she's not clearing up after a house full of energetic boys!

Z TEAM Annie Neller

Annie Neller

Innovations Analyst

With a background in Psychology & behavior change, Annie has a keen interest in understanding what makes people tick, and science behind our daily choices. Importantly, she loves to get creative with the work she does, & understand how we can do things differently; this has led her into our NOVA innovations team, looking at the technology we can leverage to get us closer to the insights our clients need.

Outside of work, Annie is an avid animal lover, having grown up in a family of rescues (including 5 greyhounds at one point!), and is keen to learn to professionally train dogs, to help in their adoption. She is also a keen socialite, enjoying ‘Wine Wednesdays’ with her friends, or just a classic summer barbeque.

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