Identifying category codes for immunity promoting products

With a flood of new functional products hitting the market every month, we wanted to understand how to standout and be deemed successful as a food or beverage product delivering an immunity benefit.


We sent consumers a box of 6 immunity promoting products and asked them to record a video of their initial reactions upon opening the box. They then tried each product, giving detailed feedback to help us understand the pack and product experience and crucially how well they perceived it to deliver versus their expectations.

Unboxing Immunity CS image 3
Unboxing Immunity CS image 2


We were able to identify themes that clients can use when looking to tap into the immunity trend:

1. You need to understand what the benefit means to consumers and reinforce that across communications, pack and product. Consumers perceived immunity to be a benefit that would be communicated by bright and vibrant packs and products, to help make them feel bright and vibrant.

2. You need to understand how your functional benefit is delivered as part of their routine. Consumers were drawn to the products that were an active addition to their diet. These products felt more “concentrated” and therefore effective when compared to everyday products.

Functional benefits aren’t an excuse for an unpleasant taste. Yes the sensory experience needs to reinforce the benefits, but it still has to taste good!

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