Optimizing panel outputs for Coca-Cola with world-class sensory training

This is showcasing the tailored approach that we can provide on training topics with a major client and enabled to empower this individual to be more solution focused.


One of Coca Cola's panel leaders required support on various topics and reached to MMR due to current relationship.

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We leveraged the sensory expertise across the whole US team and provided the client with more than 15 hours of in-depth training in specific areas of interest such as deep dive into sensory methods and their required statistical analysis. Each method was tackled by dedicated expert members of the team allowing to provide the most comprehensive understanding.


The client expressed her great confidence, as a result of this training, to be better armed to tackle her role and felt supported the right way throughout the process, feeling comfortable enough to ask questions while being able to learn a great amount of information in a short timeframe. This allowed her afterwards to be able to challenge her team and suggest best practices.

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