Supporting Iconic Summer Experiences

Wanderlust is back! Reason enough for Peroni Nastro Azzurro, the Italian icon owned by Asahi, to develop a new, refreshing, and lower ABV summer beer that appeals directly to younger drinkers and reasserts the brand’s famous Italian heritage.

To create a first class summer experience, Peroni partnered with MMR to fine tune an elevated consumer journey that evoked memorable emotional impacts.

The company needed to understand which of its ideas offered the greatest potential. This included clarity on best product name, packaging design and liquid experience. More than this, the Peroni team wanted to know if its new proposition would be powerful enough to displace the competition.

Assisted success

For maximum clarity, we evaluated each of Peroni’s ideas monadically with a series of central location and online tests. We supported Peroni’s pursuit of a superior brand experience with our proprietary emotional profiling tool, which enabled us to report with utmost confidence that the recommended route was both seamless (linking all elements of the experience) and seductive.

Peroni Case Study Image 1

For the liquid experience, our sensory specialists advised on nuanced areas of improvement. In a competitive marketplace, where opposition is well established, we take the view that everything matters.

As the project progressed, it became clear that participants favored the Peroni Stile Capri concept most of all. It was generating extraordinarily high levels of emotion, inspired by the refreshing taste and aroma of the Mediterranean. The accompanying consumer vibe produced superlative feedback such as “totally refreshing taste with Italian passion and flair” and “this is what I come to expect from Peroni!”

Peroni’s Stile Capri concept evoked motivating links to summer, paving the way for incremental purchases in warmer months.

Extensive ‘source of steal’ analysis reported that Peroni had hit upon an idea that was not only competitive, but also additive to the beer category.

Peroni case study image 2

Promising start

The approach and output from this project gave Asahi the confidence to release Peroni Stile Capri into the U.K’s £479m sunshine beer category in March 2023 with the fanfare of a £3m launch campaign. The tagline: ‘The taste that takes you there’.

Retailers were keen to take this innovation on board, and built distribution at a rapid pace.

Peroni marketing manager Anja Gottschalk says, “the idea is that, even if you’re in England and it’s raining outside, Peroni Capri can still give people that feeling of summer refreshment and take them on the journey towards summer.”

We’re proud to have played a part in this year’s most refreshing summer beer experience. If it’s important that your next innovation meets consumers expectations of an experience, you need to talk to us now! Get in touch with us here 👇