Five Products: Beer Trends that are Redefining the Drinking Culture

Ah, beer. The quintessential beverage of choice for many around the world has seen a resurgence in activity in recent years. From local microbreweries to global beer giants, the industry has been bustling with excitement and innovation, making it an exciting time to be a beer producer. From the light and refreshing lagers to the complex and bold IPAs, beer can satisfy every taste bud out there.

This trend is driven by a growing demand for more unique and flavorful beer options. Here we look at the latest developments in the world of beer that are redefining the drinking culture with the help of our friends at thefoodpeople.

1. Camden Town Brewery Bellini Lager (U.K)

Light in body, Camden Towns' crisp and refreshing lager is a fresh take on the classic Italian Bellini, inspired by a combination of bubbly prosecco and sweet peaches. This new limited-edition brew was originally created as part of Camden’s innovative small batch series Arch 55 before being released in a 440ml can format for the summer. Full of peachy tea notes and brewed with wine-like hops, Bellini is packed with fresh flavor just like your favorite summer fizz.

Camden Bellini Lager
Iron Hill Peaches and Cream IPA

2. Iron Hill Brewery Peaches and Cream Milkshake IPA (U.S)

Following the success of their Orange Creamsicle Milkshake IPA, Iron Hill is now offering a rotating seasonal selection to highlight well-known seasonal flavors. Beer enthusiasts can anticipate nostalgia, warmth, and a hint of decadence with every sip of Iron Hills’ Peaches & Cream Milkshake IPA. Each beer is designed to be consumed either on its own or alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream when served a la mode. The unconventional brew tastes of a toasty graham cracker crust, smooth vanilla, and juicy peaches.

3. Hormel Chili Cheese Brew (U.S)

A beer modeled around the iconic chili cheese dip produced by Hormel Chili was developed in collaboration with Modist Brewing Co. Described as a "crushable American lager," this unconventional beer features flaked corn and Minnesota Pilsner barley malt. To replicate the flavor profile of HORMEL® Chili Cheese Dip, Modist Brewing Co. combines their delicious corn chip-flavored base with the perfect blend of savory spices and hints of cheddar cheese powder. The lager, which has been described as having a peppery tongue feel, is anticipated to intensify the umami undertones of the dip with each consecutive sip.

Hormel Chili Cheese Brew 2
San miguel chocolate lager 640x642 2

4. San Miguel Chocolate Lager (P.H)

Philippines-based brewery, San Miguel released their Chocolate Lager in Hong Kong, Thailand, as well as the international market. This special edition, full-flavored, chocolate-infused beer is available only in limited quantities. The unique lager was introduced to commemorate special events like Valentine's Day.

5. Beavertown Frozen Neck Snow Globe Session IPA (U.K)

The Frozen Neck Snow Globe Session IPA by Beavertown Brewery is a seasonal variation on the brewery's well-known Neck Oil. To create this one-of-a-kind brew, icy hops that are frozen as they are picked are used to produce a fresh and zesty flavor. Packed with a smoother and more potent grapefruit flavor infused with a frosty mango hop hit and plenty of glitter, Beavertowns’ IPA takes the power of appearance to a whole other level. Owing to its undeniable visual appeal and refreshing flavor notes, this beverage is sure to leave eyes and tongues wagging.

Beavertown Glitter beer

The beer industry is constantly evolving, and manufacturers who keep up with the latest trends will be well-positioned to appeal to a wider range of consumers. From hazy IPAs to low-alcohol beers and hard seltzers, there are many exciting trends for manufacturers to explore. By staying on top of these trends and experimenting with new pairings, manufacturers can keep their product line-up fresh and exciting.

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