Five Products: New Adventures in Chocolate

The chocolate category has taken on a new level of innovation, with unique and exciting products that are capturing people's attention while serving as conversation starters at every turn. Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products recently revealed that Intense Indulgence, Mindful Indulgence, and Healthy Indulgence will be the leading chocolate trends to look out for in 2023 and beyond.

From vegan options to new flavors and textures, here we look at some of the most innovative chocolate products that are sure to grab chocolate enthusiasts’ attention and get them talking.

1. Green’s Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownie Mix

Putting a unique twist on a classic dessert, Green's, widely known for its cupcake mixes, has released a new brownie mix called Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies. Once baked, the brownies are described as "a mighty gooey, chunky, and chocolatey flavored brownie cleverly blended with the iconic taste of Australia's yeast-derived savory spread, Vegemite," to create a salted caramel-like flavor. Vegemite's subtle salty-savory flavor complements the chocolate's sweetness, while the choc chunks add an extra layer of texture and flavor. Australian TikToker Michael Jaimie said, “You can definitely taste the Vegemite and if I’m being honest, it works - like this is genuinely delicious! Vegemite brownies, you need to try them!”

Greens Vegemite Brownie Mix
Jack Daniels Chocolate Bar

2. Goldkenn Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Chocolate Bar

Fans of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire whiskey will appreciate this new collaboration with Swiss chocolatier Goldkenn. It’s a cinnamon-flavored whiskey confection that follows recent successes of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey chocolate bars. One consumer review remarked on its distinctive taste as a “burst of a shot that hits you by surprise and goes well with the flavor of chocolate.”

3. Alicja Confections Dill Pickle Postcard Chocolate

"Yes, we seriously made this bar!" Alicja Confections wrote in the caption of an Instagram post about their latest addition to their product line-up. "We ourselves were shocked by how good it is. If you like to dill pickle anything, you need to get this." This pickle-flavored chocolate bar really stands out among their assortment of mailable postcard chocolates. In April 2022, the 28% white chocolate bar was simply a joke, but this year, the unique flavor has been made into an actual product that's ready to mail with a personalized message upon purchase.

One excited customer took to Instagram to comment, “Can confirm, super good. Reminds me of dill pickle chips 🤩,” after trying the snack. There is no doubt that pickle-flavored foods and beverages are in great demand thanks to an increased interest in robust and unusual flavor sensations. This limited-edition pickle-flavored chocolate bar can be mailed to friends, family, or pickle lovers for just $1.94 in Canada.

Alicja Confections Dill Pickle Chocolate
Perfect Day Mushroom Milk Chocolate

4. Perfect Day Oodaalolly Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar

Perfect Day, the pioneer in precision fermentation, collaborated with Oodaalolly Chocolate to create an innovative Mushroom Milk Chocolate bar. Using nuts and oats as base alternatives, Perfect Day's chocolate snack distinguishes itself with mushroom milk which contains a protein from the Trichoderma reesei fungus and mimics the flavor and texture of normal dairy products. The new snack is just as good for the body as it is for the taste buds making it a wellbeing champion among chocolate lovers and health enthusiasts.

5. Noé No Omise Noir Detox – Activated Charcoal + Cashew Butter Chocolate

We taste with our eyes and this reality is not lost in the chocolate category. The appearance of chocolate can impact not only a customer's purchasing decision but also their enjoyment of the product. Visual appeal is what went into creating Noé No Omises’ Raw Vegan Noir Detox chocolate bar. Activated charcoal, cashew butter, and white chocolate are used to create a black chocolate canvas that offsets the subtle colors of the dry fig and walnuts to create an aesthetically elevated snack that also prioritizes taste, texture, and health.

Noe no omise high res

With the world reaching for more chocolate at a time when the word of the year is ‘permacrisis’ there’s never been a better time to indulge in the sweetest of delights. Whether it's through tantalizing flavors, unique textures, or creative packaging, the chocolate category continues to up the ante to ensure that the adventures never end! It’s time for manufacturers to get down and chocolatey, and ensure that future launches continue to grab our attention.

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