Five Products: Tempting Shoppers Back to Plant-Based

As another Veganuary ends, the plant-based category continues to witness a wave of innovation amidst challenging times. 2023 was not a good year for the vegan movement. Faced with increases in the cost of living, volume and value sales went into freefall, prompting several manufacturers to exit plant-based meat alternatives altogether. Some industry commentators have suggested that such products may have had their day. But it’s not always about meat-free. We’ve found countless examples of other vegan products that are working hard to tempt shoppers by playing the taste card. And here are five of them.

1. Outstanding Stuffins Nacho Cheese dairy-free stuffed snacks (USA)

Outstanding Foods presents the Outstanding Stuffins Nacho Cheese dairy-free snack, meticulously crafted to be both delicious and nutritious. These bite-sized wonders feature a crunchy baked exterior encasing a smooth, savory, dairy-free cheese filling. Committed to offering healthier options, Outstanding Foods ensures consumers can enjoy their favorite flavors without compromising on nutrition. The Outstanding Stuffins also come in two additional flavors: Chedda and Pizza Partay.


2. WK Kellogg Co. 'Eat Your Mouth Off' Fruity Flavored Plant-Based Cereal (USA)

Kellogg's, under its subsidiary WK Kellogg Co., is shaking up the breakfast scene with the Fruity Eat Your Mouth Off plant-based cereal. This inventive alternative, inspired by Gen Z's playful palate, boasts a fruity flavor reminiscent of childhood favorite Froot Loops. With 22 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar per serving, it caters to the health-conscious habits of today's youth. Unlike traditional breakfast fare, the Eat Your Mouth Off cereal is designed for Gen Zers who see cereal as a versatile option for meals or snacks. It also comes in a delectable Chocolate variant.

3. All Y’alls Foods Cinnamon Churro Jerky (USA)

Texan plant-based jerky brand, All Y’alls Foods, has unveiled its latest jerky flavor addition after five years: Cinnamon Churro Jerky. This flavor blends the beloved texture of churros with the spicy richness of cinnamon, offering a healthy and flavorful plant-based option for vegans and those exploring plant-based diets. All Y’alls' plant-based jerky boasts higher levels of protein, calcium, magnesium, and iron compared to beef, making it a preferred choice for athletes and environmentally conscious consumers. All Y’alls Foods jerky range is also available in Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Prickly Pear Chipotle, Prickly Pear Teriyaki, and Amazing Bacon flavors.


4. Nature’s Fynd Strawberry Dairy-Free Dy Yogurt (USA)

Nature's Fynd introduces the world's first fungi-based yogurt, offering a dairy-free option packed with protein and fiber. With backing from Bill Gates, Nature’s Fynd leverages a proprietary fungi blend to create plant-based alternatives to popular grocery items. Their latest innovation, a vegan Strawberry yogurt made from fungi protein, aims to sway consumers with its dairy-like flavor and texture while carrying a lower environmental footprint than other plant-based options.

5. Aldi Smoked No Salmon Slices (UK)

Popular budget supermarket Aldi introduces the "MyVay" range, featuring the new plant-based Smoked No Salmon Slices. Smoked over Beechwood, each delicate slice boasts the distinctive taste and texture of smoked salmon. The Plant Menu No Smoked Salmon Slices join Aldi’s extensive vegan range, offering items like Plant Menu Croissants and Plant Menu Pain-au-Chocolat for a delectable vegan start to the day. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or simply curious about plant-based fare, Aldi aims to make conscious eating accessible to all.


The FMCG industry's resilience shines through as brands launch groundbreaking products, defying market downturns and cost-of-living challenges. Brands that tap into evolving consumer preferences and prioritize sustainability stand to carve a significant niche in this expanding market. Through innovation and unwavering commitment to the vegan category, these products inspire not only taste buds but also the potential to reignite consumer interest.

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