Five Products: Trends in Chilled Tea-Based Beverages

Brands seek bigger share of wellbeing market

According to Future Market Insights, the chilled tea category is expected to almost double by 2032, with growth accelerating partly as a result of its strong associations to wellbeing. The product is quietly establishing itself as a reliable beverage option at any time of the day - from a morning burst of energy to something more celebratory in the form of tea infused cocktails.

To build momentum, brands are innovating beyond conventional flavor profiles, and are combining authentic and unique tea blends with nuanced and exotic tastes to enhance the drink and offer an element of sensorial discovery.

Here, we take a look at some recent product launches that are attempting to shift consumer perceptions of this arguably unsung category.

From Canada, Wize Coffee Leaf markets itself as a healthier tea that is both low in sugar and mildly caffeinated. Its RTD range is available in three flavors: lemon, mango, and grapefruit. As implied by its name, the product uses coffee leaves rather than tea and claims ‘no jitters or crash’.

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JOYO is a new sparkling tea brand from a U.S life coach. The brand is about ‘igniting the spark within’ with a blend of tea, botanicals and five adaptogens, including L-theanine, Lion's Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Panax ginseng, and Acerola cherry extract. The company told Trendhunter in 2022: ‘Joyo’s sparkling teas offer a premier way for tea drinkers to enjoy their favorite healthy beverage while catering to the modern, grab-and-go lifestyle."

Taking things further, Saicho cold brewed beverages are positioned as ‘luxurious, non-alcoholic sparking tea.’ This brand majors on food pairings and promises to turn a great meal into a memorable experience. Saicho is available in three different flavors, the most food-friendly is Darjeeling, which has overtones of citrus, ginger, and wood spice. Hojicha, a roasted green tea from Japan has a distinctively savory flavor. Jasmine, which is exquisitely flowery and naturally has notes of lychee, elderflower, and fresh green apples.

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Lagunitas Brewing Co. is a division of Heineken in the USA and has recently introduced Disorderly TeaHouse premium spiked and sparkling tea. Lagunitas brews the tea in-house using guayusa tea leaves to give the product offering its distinctive flavors. Varieties include Yuzu Lemon Squeeze and Mixed-Up Berries.

Hrbvor is based in New Jersey and has introduced a range of still and sparkling teas that offer expertly blended herbs in unique mixes, with useful properties that appeal to wellness-conscious consumers looking for healthier beverage alternatives.

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With consumers searching for beverage products with added functionality, it is clear that RTD tea is working hard to grab a greater share of this growing market. If you’d like to see the full report or talk to us about how you could make more impact with your next innovation project, click on the link below.

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