Five Products: The Products Making Sustainability More Seductive

Sustainability is increasingly felt across our industry. And rightly so. No more is this trend more visible than in innovative ‘eco-friendly’ packaging solutions. A recent report from a major packaging manufacturer suggests that increasing numbers of consumers are willing to dig deeper into their pockets for sustainable packaging despite the tumultuous tides of global inflation.

According to the report, 82% of respondents claim willingness to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, up 4% on the prior year - proving that despite financial woes, saving the planet remains high on the shopping list. Notably, it’s the younger crowd (aged 18-24) that is leading the charge with a staggering 90% showing an enthusiastic thumbs-up for sustainable packaging!

In this Five Products post, we showcase some of the latest and greatest examples of planet-friendly packs.

1. Absolut Vodka (U.K)

Introducing Absolut Vodka's revolutionary paper bottle—a sustainable packaging solution that combines style and eco-friendliness. Crafted with responsibly sourced materials, this fully recyclable bottle reflects Absolut Vodka's commitment to reducing its environmental impact. With a sleek design that captures the brand's Swedish heritage, the paper bottle sets a new standard for sustainability in the spirits industry. It's a testament to Absolut Vodka's innovative spirit and dedication to a greener future.

Absolute Paper Bottle
Good Edi Cups

2. Good Edi Edible Cups (AU)

Concerned about the number of coffee cups they saw in waste bins, the team at Good Edi set out to create a convenient and sustainable solution that would tackle the disposable cup problem. Made from oats, wheat, flour, water, sugar, salt, and coconut oil – this edible cup can support hot beverages for over 40 minutes and cold drinks for 8 hours. If you’re worried about finding yourself on social media supposedly eating a paper cup, it will also compost in less than two weeks.

3. Two Farmers (U.K)

Two Farmers Crisps has made the snack industry sit and take note with their ground-breaking compostable packaging - crafted from cellulose and sustainably cultivated eucalyptus trees from carefully managed plantations. This remarkable eco-friendly material, also utilizing plant-based, biodegradable ink and glues, guarantees packaging that is not only environmentally responsible but also performs exceptionally well. Two Farmers Crisps goes above and beyond their sustainable packaging efforts, incorporating eco-conscious practices into every aspect of their operations. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability has been acknowledged and rewarded, illustrating their steadfast determination to shape a greener future.

Two Farmers Crisps

4. Tomorrow Machine x Bramhults Juice (SE)

Design studio Tomorrow Machine has ingeniously developed a remarkable juice bottle that not only embraces sustainability but also offers an enjoyable experience. Crafted from a potato starch-based material, this innovative bottle takes on a captivating, curved shape. Once sipped you can effortlessly peel the bottle into a delightful spiral formation, reminiscent of peeling fruit. This action not only breaks the barrier but also triggers the material's decomposition process, making it truly biodegradable. At this point, the peel becomes an edible treat or can be dissolved in water, completing its remarkable journey. With this incredible creation, Tomorrow Machine showcases a powerful way to nudge people toward greener behaviors.

5. Noel Alimentaria’s Verday Plant-Based Burgers (ES)

Noel Alimentaria's Verday line-up of plant-based meats has taken a further leap towards sustainability by teaming up with Mondi to introduce their ingenious paper-based trays. These trays, cleverly named PerFORMing, not only showcase the mouth-watering range of Vegan Salmon Burgers, Vegan Cod Burgers, and Vegan Chicken Burgers with a green twist of spinach but also come with a delightful bonus: they're 80% paper and designed for recycling! It's a win-win situation where consumers get tantalizing choices and a guilt-free departure from those humdrum 100% plastic trays that litter the industry.


With over 158m tonnes of plastic waste due to be created in 2023, clearly, grocery brands have much work to do. These five examples show how our industry is donning its sustainable cape and finding solutions. From chic paper bottles to edible cups, with further initiatives around recyclable, refillable, circular packaging, and more.

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