NEWS RELEASE: New Sensory Research Facility To Open in the Netherlands

“To Meet The Demand for Better User Experiences,” Says Leading Research Firm

Elst, Netherlands: MMR Research, the world’s leading independent consumer and sensory research agency, has announced the opening of a new Sensory Science Center (SSC) in Elst, Netherlands. This latest addition to MMR's expanding network of research facilities marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to supporting manufacturers’ innovation and renovation objectives in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.

Sensory research has been steadily increasing its impact across the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, where deeper understanding of people’s perceptions, preferences, and experiences is becoming mandatory for brands seeking to displace existing competition.

"We made this move to fulfill demand for better user experiences, which has become the new battleground in FMCG. The center gives our clients greater access to highly trained, sensory articulate consumers. These consumers have been expertly screened for high levels of sensory acuity and articulacy, and are able to offer highly informed feedback in concise ways. "

James Gater, Head of MMR Netherlands

Located in the picturesque city of Elst, the new SSC positions MMR at the heart of Europe, with close proximity to major markets and transportation hubs. Clients can now collaborate directly with MMR's sensory experts, accelerating the research and development cycle while reducing time to market.

One of the key benefits for manufacturers is the elimination of customs clearance hurdles and the associated costs and delays when shipping products to the United Kingdom. The facility acts as a bridge, eradicating the challenges posed by customs processes, and will significantly reduce project timelines.

Moreover, the Netherlands SSC upholds MMR's strong commitment to sustainability. By reducing shipping distances and streamlining operations, the facility aligns with the company's Net Zero Pledge, aiming to achieve Net Zero by 2026. This sustainable approach ensures a smaller carbon footprint while continuing to expand exceptional sensory and consumer research services.

As part of the new capability, MMR will be working in collaboration with EyeQuestion, an all-in-one software solution for sensory and consumer research. The incorporation of this software will allow MMR to leverage advanced sensory evaluation tools, and robust data analysis capabilities that will support the accuracy and efficiency of data collection, empowering MMR's sensory panels to unlock valuable insights.

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with MMR, a market-leading sensory and consumer research company. Their knowledge and experience will help us enhance our software with the latest innovative research methodologies that are unique in the market"

Gerben Ernst, Managing Director at EyeQuestion Software

The facility will serve as a thriving innovation hub, fostering collaborations, and enabling clients to experience an extra new dimension of consumer research. The facility's modern design, coupled with its cutting-edge equipment and expert sensory panels, creates an ideal environment for uncovering hidden insights that drive consumers' ongoing adoption of new products.

"Sensory research is the key to competitive advantage in the FMCG industry," said James Gater. "The opening of our Netherlands SSC will allow local clients to access our portfolio of world-class approaches that will help them go beyond liking.”

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