NEWS RELEASE: MMR Research to Host An Event in Johannesburg to Help Brands 'Innovate Better' and 'Fight The Low Attention Economy.'

DURBAN, S.A: *80% of the world’s marketers claim that the low attention economy is impacting brand plans. In response, MMR Research Worldwide, a leading global sensory and consumer research firm with offices in Durban, is set to host an event called ‘Growth Makers’ aimed at FMCG professionals in Johannesburg on Tuesday, 7th March.

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With the highest screen time in the world (a staggering 10 hours 45 min per day compared to the global average of 6 hours 58 min per day), the battle for consumers' attention is particularly challenging in South Africa. Commenting on these figures**, Andrew Wardlaw, Chief Ideas Officer at MMR, says, “There is growing realisation that it’s getting harder for brands and innovation to cut through. We want to tackle this head on and find ways to make more impact with the product experience.”

“A further impact of the digital era is its effect on our real-world expectations. Science has shown that constant exposure to stimulus online generates an expectation of heightened experience in real life. For manufacturers, there is a pressing need to make product experiences pop!”


In addition to its core focus on making impact, the event will also draw on fresh consumer research into South Africans' post-Covid health priorities and how over 30 FMCG categories address these and other functional needs. The research also unpacks the perceived efficacy of over 50 new and established functional ingredients.

MMR also plans to look to the future, covering prospects for plant-based foods and consumer attitudes to emerging food tech, such as animal-free dairy and cultured meat. “Through this event we hope to inspire brands with new thinking about the opportunities for growth in tough economic times”, says Andrew.

Head of Business - Africa and Middle East, Jacqui Horsley adds “Manufacturers are increasingly calling for our assistance in understanding how to innovate better and enhance the overall user experience so that brands stand out from the competition and provide a little more pleasure to people's lives."

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Figures show that MMR’s Africa and Middle East division grew by 266% in the year ending December 31, 2022. With a team of qualitative and quantitative experts, MMR in South Africa is well positioned to partner with FMCG businesses to align the brand experience with the sensory delivery of products and packaging. This will ensure that brands go to market with something genuinely memorable.

“It is crucial for FMCG brands to redefine themselves on a regular basis to stay ahead in this fast-paced market. To really engage customers across all areas of your brand, pack, and product, the optimal balance of sensory science, consumer insight, and compelling, creative research approaches are required."


The event will feature a range of global and local product examples to inspire.

To register to be a part of this free in-person event, click on the below button.

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