Social Listening, Text Analytics and Chatbots: get the most from pressure tested tools that deliver real advantage

Whether you found us through this quarter’s NOVA Partnership Initiative newsletter or elsewhere, we’re excited to have you here! Dive into some of the latest tech integrations from MMR’s in-house tech innovation team NOVA.

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MMR is pleased to announce the launch of Digital Research Solutions (DRS) team dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology for CPG brands.

Social Listening

We've invested heavily in creating our own powerful approaches to integrate social and consumer data. Nova identified best practices and tools that harness reliable insights and are now rolling it out across MMR as an agile offering. 

If you missed out on our ‘Power of Taste’ webinar, see a glimpse of how we used Social Listening to look at the power of Mystery Flavors.

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With our Social Listening projects, we're uncovering unbiased insight from natural social conversations across a variety of platforms. We can use this to dig into relevant topics or brands of interest and access depth of understanding at scale from keywords and mentions online.

We use a mixture of AI analytics and expert human interpretation to conduct thematic analysis and produce bespoke reports for our clients.

Popular use cases:

  • Drill down into product performance and drivers
  • Follow category or flavor trends as springboards for innovation
  • Explore global markets in a cost-effective way
  • Harness consumer language and sentiment

Text Analytics

We have developed a streamlined process to leverage AI-enabled text analytics and pull out meaningful insight from any unstructured data. We’re building a library of proprietary code frames that will increase speed of analysis and accuracy of category understanding.

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The Nova team have been working with our new Digital team to leverage Conversational AI through chatbot surveys, as both integrated elements or standalone projects. We’ve pushed the technology to include complex probing so that we can generate deeper insights and create a more engaging participant experience.

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