The Five Forces of Everything eBook: Mindset Trends Driving Consumer Choice

A brand new eBook to confidently guide your CPG innovation priorities and inspire ideation.

Ingredient and product trends are continuously changing. But what are the macro trends driving those changes? In The Five Forces of Everything, we take a look at what’s really behind the shifts we’re seeing in consumer choice.

What you get:

The five long-term trends driving consumer choice

Predictions on how each trend will evolve

Guidance on how you can activate these trends

In-market examples of the macro trends in action

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A time to be bold.

Initially shared in 2019, the Five Forces were a response to rising levels of disruption in consumer-packaged goods markets. They represent a framework for creating order out of apparent chaos. A way of assessing if a trend will be a passing fad, or something more permanent.

With over 35 years’ experience in supporting pack and product innovation, we’ve seen the emergence of the global consumer, and without doubt, the pandemic will have further eroded regional variations – most notably in populations’ health priorities and shopping behaviour.

In 2022, the innovation narrative is stronger than it has ever been. Brands are stepping up their efforts to be part of category disruption and secure investors’ attention. Being bold is set to become a prime directive.

In this guide, we will recap on each of the Five Forces, and explain why each one is more potent post-corona. And we will illustrate who is being bold and pushing category boundaries.

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