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Create winning products that people buy again and again and again.

‘Good enough’ just isn't good enough.

We're faced with thousands of product choices every single day. We're also becoming more discerning about what products we buy in the first place, and what brands we opt into. In a highly competitive retail landscape, being ‘good enough’ just doesn’t cut it. If you want to properly breakthrough the product experience is your secret weapon, but too often the last 5% that transforms a consumption experience from good to great is missed.

That’s why our product testing and development approaches put both your target consumer and your intended brand promise at their heart. By knowing how and why a proposition resonates with consumers, we can ensure the product execution is perfect.

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We make sure your product experience is memorable, meaningfully distinctive and top of mind the next time they’re thinking of buying.

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We make sure the product experience fits perfectly against the expectations set by the brand promise. If you’ve succeeded in compelling someone to purchase, don’t let them down with disappointing product execution.

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Category Role

We make sure you offer an experience that’s superior to others. If you don’t, the overall proposition will have to work harder to encourage repeat purchase.

Finding a solution that fits.

Proposition alignment? Competitor benchmarking? Product reformulation? Whatever question you need answering, we've the solution to help - including online qualitative and enhanced in-home sensory and consumer testing approaches.

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Product Accelerator

Rapid quantitative testing with targeted interviews and mini-groups for depth and clarity around optimization.

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Sensory Drivers

Expert and machine learning methods help uncover the influence of sensory characteristics on consumers - both the impact on liking but also the emotional and functional delivery.

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Preference Mapping

Consumer segmentation fused with sensory data, for clarity on how to engineer your sensory characteristics to drive higher liking and brand fit.

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Conceptual Mapping

Conceptual profiling linked to expert sensory data, to identify how to drive emotional and functional connection through the sensory delivery of a product.

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Concept Product Testing

Final validation checks for full proposition alignment and in-market potential, with robust volume forecasts and launch strategy optimization.


Sensory Qual

Create new innovation or understand the emotional, functional or sensorial journey of a product – ensuring product alignment is built-in from the start.

In 2020 we consulted on more global product tests than we did in 2019, despite COVID! We had over 100 clients trusting us to ensure they got the product testing insight they needed, during the toughest of conditions.


Our product people.

You’ll work with Simon Harris, our Director of Product Excellence, as well as our sensory experts, data scientists and dedicated account teams who have many years’ experience across categories and markets.

Z TEAM Simon Harris

Simon Harris

Director of Product Excellence

With nearly 15 years' experience of researching products for our clients around the globe, Simon now spends his time training our team members (new and old) in the nuances of product testing, looking at new approaches to strengthen our product testing toolkit and providing consultancy for clients on best practices and solutions to specific challenges. He also still gets stuck into analysis when the need arises.

Simon is a running fanatic. Having come to the realization he isn’t getting any faster, he now tests himself by seeing how far he can go. He's completed 24 hours non-stop (what on earth!), but isn't sure he will get a pass from responsibilities at home to attempt to improve on that!

Z TEAM Caitlin Mc Lean

Caitlin McLean

Associate Sensory Qual Director

Caitlin specializes in product and packaging research, leveraging her UC Davis Sensory & Consumer Sciences background to find ways to turn consumer language into actionable R&D briefs.

Having worked globally on both sensory descriptive panels and directly with consumers over 7+ years at MMR, she’s passionate about interpreting sensory feedback from consumers all over the world to ensure you receive the most critical information for success.


Sandeep Budhiraja

Senior Director Asia Pacific

Sandeep's role as Head of the Indian Business is to oversee all management of MMR from his base in the Mumbai region.

Sandeep has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the Brand and Consumer Insight industry, working in India and China with a number of global research agencies.






Energizing NPD for Lucozade

Suntory Beverage wanted to develop a new product within the natural energy space.

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Nut another plant-based milk brand

Innocent wanted to play in the plant milk arena, but in an already crowded category, it had to play a little differently.

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Uncovering protein product potential

Weetabix wanted to launch a new high protein product to become the first mainstream UK breakfast cereal delivering against associated functional benefits.

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Products that pop, innovation that never stops

Pringles identified an opportunity for a new sub-range of Asian inspired, flavored rice-based snacks that delivered a unique product experience.

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Asahi International refresh an old favorite

Asahi partnered with MMR to re-engineer the liquid of a new 4% ABV beer offering to complement their strong existing portfolio, maximize consumer appeal and estimate source of volume.

Grolsch Bar pop

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