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Turning data into dollars.

Masters of our own destiny,
makers of really smart tech.

Our global team of 60+ multi-disciplinary data scientists, software developers and business analysts are a bunch of smart cookies who love creating clever things. They not only understand complex data and coding, but also have decades of experience when it comes to making the absolute most out of consumer and sensory research.

Being in control of our own destiny in this area means we have the skills required to meet our clients' bespoke needs - and scale as and when we need to. It's a modern team for a modern world.

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Data Science

Our Data Science team are specialists in Machine Learning and AI. We have global reach and our experts are focused on architecting custom GenAI applications, ML models and data pipelines, leveraging the unique data assets of MMR to build transformative solutions for both clients and internal stakeholders alike

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Statistics &

Our stats experts work hand-in-hand with our global research teams to ensure we get the very most out of data, wherever it is sourced from. And they also offer direct client consultancy.

Focused on food and drink innovation, the team utilizes a huge range of statistical tools as well as delivering custom data modelling to our clients.

They help make the complex actionable.

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We’ve long-standing heritage in volumetric sales forecasting, on a global level.

From custom built Apps to full sales and volumetric forecasting, our team have a wealth of experience.

Continual validation of our forecasts gives our clients real confidence that they are making the correct decisions prior to launch.

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Software Development

A team of data specialists, business analysts and software developers with vast understanding of research processes and solutions.

They’re focused on developing software applications and automated solutions for all stages of the research process.

Speed and quality are at the heart of everything they do, ensuring we can deliver bespoke programming and App solutions to drive true agility.

We pride ourselves on our client-facing team who get involved in both research design and delivery, giving our clients direct access to the actual data modelers. Our Data Sciences team is definitely not a backroom function!

Paul Dempster, Head of Data Science

Meet the team who really know their stuff.

These are just a few of the faces doing smart things with data for clients and brands all over the world.

Z TEAM Sonu Kaur2016

Sonu Kaur

Online Survey Solutions Director

Sonu oversees the Online Survey Solutions team. With a global team of programmers and project managers based in Shanghai, Mumbai, UK and Cali, Colombia she’s lucky enough to have access to all the latest programming gossip 24/7.

Outside of Data Sciences, Sonu is a long term tsundoku sufferer (the practice of hoarding books but not getting around to reading them!)

Z TEAM Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez

Programming Director, Cali

Jose joined MMR in 2007 to lead our Survey Programming team, and to help shape and develop our early online research capabilities. With 20 years' experience of using technology to help improve business processes, Jose now heads up our programming team in Cali, Colombia.

Outside work, Jose is a keen squash player and is on the Colombian national team. He's also an avid birdwatcher, and helps organize the Colombia Birdfair, the biggest bird conservation event in South America.

Z TEAM Tony Karalis

Tony Karalis

Director Of Software Development

Tony absolutely loves coding (perhaps a bit too much), particularly when working on greenfield projects alongside his brilliant team. Most of his time is spent on the coalface, writing code, architecting solutions, reviewing, leading, empowering and growing our Dev team.

He's a keen mountain biker and has never lived continuously in 1 country for longer than 8 years!

Joni 3

Dr. Jonathan Sands

Lead Data Scientist

Jonathan is a specialist in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Natural Language Processing. He is currently growing & diversifying the skillset of the MMR Data Science team globally. He personally directs the development of custom GenAI applications, ML models and data pipelines, leveraging the unique data assets of MMR to build transformative solutions for clients.

Z TEAM Steve Ferris

Steve Ferris

Senior Statistical Consultant

Steve also has over 20 years' senior experience across a highly diverse range of statistical methodologies and mathematical modelling applications.

He's especially talented when it comes to linking Sensory & Consumer data, choice-based solutions & advanced conjoint, linear and non-linear modelling and multivariate sales & forecasting techniques. What a clever clogs!

Z Valerie Palfi

Valerie Palfi

Senior Business Analyst

Valerie worked in both our Research and Operations teams before eventually joining the Dev Team in 2019. As a business analyst, Valerie bridges the gap between researchers, other stakeholders, and our team of software developers. Her days are spent spec’ing out requirements, managing priorities, keeping documentation up to date, and answering a whole lot of questions from users and developers.

In her spare time, Valerie enjoys arts and crafts, experimenting with different smoothie recipes and nature walks. She also loves travelling and visiting her family back home in Geneva.

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