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Perfectly engineered, unbelievably powerful experiences.

Experience is everything.

Funny thing is, the best brand experiences – the ones that connect deeply with consumers – do a lot of their hard work subconsciously. And that’s where sensory science comes in.

It’s scientific rigor blended with genuine flexibility, creativity and a healthy dose of commercial reality. We deconstruct the full sensory journey of your proposition in to micro-moments, unpacking which touchpoints really matter to your consumers and helping to engineer the sensory delivery of your product, packaging and communications - so you go to market with something truly memorable.

In short, we take sensory research out of the lab and get into the boardroom and onto the balance sheet, helping make your products a key driver of sustainable profit.

Harnessing the power of the senses allows you to communicate with consumers at a non-verbal, unconscious level. It’s the last 5% that transforms a proposition from good to great, leaving consumers pining for your brand for reasons they can’t even articulate.

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World-class Sensory Analysis

With 23 on-site client panels, 12 of our own commercial panels (spread around the globe), over 30 years' experience and the ability to work both in and out-of-the-lab, our sensory analysis tools and techniques are second to none when it comes to both quality and agility.

Whether used for standalone applications or to feed directly into consumer research analysis, we can pinpoint the optimum sensory profile so you get it right the first time and know what sensory assets to protect vs competitors'.

What's more? We also set-up bespoke, sensory Trained User Panels, able to provide specific category evaluation using consumers who already buy into your category or product. An increasingly popular and cost-effective approach to sensory challenges.

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Product Development with Sensory Qual

Our Sensory Qual team works hand-in-hand with researchers, food developers, brand strategists and, most importantly, consumers screened for their sensory acuity. We bring a toolkit to the product development table that changes the game and removes the guesswork from the product development process, right from day 1.

Want a taste of how this could work for you? Find out more about our Sensory Story solution; empowering the vital transition from insight to action with your comms and claims, bringing your R&D and Marketing teams together when it matters most. This is your opportunity to generate effective customer communications at speed, perfectly aligned with the product experience.

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Sensory Consultancy

Our sensory expertise goes way beyond the lab.

In fact, we provide training and support for many of our clients' in-house sensory teams too - helping coach and mentor, while giving access to our innovative, agile and solution focused sensory experts and support teams.

With our unique Sensory Playbook approach, we help define the rules of success for a category or brand stretch. Hanging up our white coats, we get our hands dirty exploring how categories operate sensorially, allowing you to benefit from the unique skillset that exists in our global sensory team to fast track the creation of amazing new products.

We take care of the heavy lifting, you get all the detail you need.

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and the strength of our client relationships. But don't just take our word for it...

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and the strength of our client relationships. But don't just take our word for it...

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and the strength of our client relationships. But don't just take our word for it...

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and the strength of our client relationships. But don't just take our word for it...

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and the strength of our client relationships. But don't just take our word for it...


Could not fault working with MMR - always incredibly accommodating and you always feel they know exactly what they are talking about - I had utmost confidence in them understanding our needs.


I am extraordinarily please with the sensory panel leader coaching and consulting I have received from MMR.


MMR is our preferred vendor for Expert Sensory studies. They have extensive experience in conducting sensory evaluation.


It was very nice working with you and Jessie even when timeline was tight and on very short notice. Glad that we were able to work out a guided training and quick evaluation of sensory profiling of novel food.


MMR helped us to run our panel with much more professionalism and structure. Their experience was invaluable when we were faced with COVID-19, easily enabling us to transition to in-home.


Our sensory scientists.

We've over 40 sensory science experts across six key strategic locations - New York, Singapore, Shanghai, India, the UK and the Netherlands. They touch all aspects of our product testing and development work. They’re the secret behind our expertise in the product space and they add value at all touchpoints – finding solutions to virtually any product-related challenge you can throw at them.

They even apply this expertise to packaging - get in touch to find out more.

Learn about some of our senior sensory science experts and consultants, who bring significant experience in your categories and markets...

Z TEAM Christine Barnagaud

Christine Barnagaud

Global Sensory Qual Director

Christine is obsessed with all things sensory (and shoes!) and is passionate about helping clients build sensory experiences that are meaningful to consumers.

She has bags of experience, gathered across the last 18 years working on many categories, traveling the world and picking new up and interesting sensory inspiration along the way.

Outside of work, Christine is an absolute foodie. Her favorite hobby is baking delicious sweet treats while watching baking shows, or spending entire afternoons out to lunch with friends. She is French, after all!

Z TEAM Phiala Mehring2016

Phiala Mehring

Sensory Director, UK & Asia

Phiala joined MMR at the very beginning, when there were just four employees! She was instrumental in setting up the first MMR sensory panel and now leads many of our Sensory Science Centers and client panels across the globe.

She can't help but deconstruct every product she comes across, so shopping trips tend to take a little longer than average!

Outside of work she is a keen gardener, mad keen runner (don't get on a treadmill next to her, unless you are VERY competitive), cyclist, chicken keeper and occasional cheese-maker. She is also Vice Chair of the National Flood Forum charity.

Z TEAM Valerie Mialon

Valérie Mialon

Global Sensory Director

Valérie leads our large, innovative team of sensory experts across the globe.

Valérie has been working as a sensory and consumer research partner and consultant for 25 years, with many of the major global food and drink, beauty and other FMCG companies, living in the UK, Australia and the US.

From her background and travels, Valérie truly appreciates and enjoys holistic sensory experiences, and as our Global Sensory Director she now focuses on making the power of sensory more widely accessible to help a wider range of functions and industries, helping to create product and service experiences that delight consumers, and lead to long-term market impact.

Z TEAM Agnes Manto

Agnes Manto

Client Sensory Panel Manager

Agnes manages one of our on-site client panels in Singapore. She has many years' experience in food science and sensory research for food companies.

When she's not working, Agnes makes time to go swimming. Failing that, she snuggles up in front of the computer watching movies and koreanovelas!

MMR combines sensory research expertise with consumer understanding and always demonstrates passion to drive growth for our brands.


Biotiful Dairy

Costa Coffee

Estée Lauder

Gordon's Gin


Inspiring product trial online with sensory charged video

As more shoppers move online for their groceries, Biotiful wanted to use the power of sensory to inspire product trial across ecommerce environments.

Untitled 1

Making a splash with a major new launch

Costa Coffee used the power of Sensory Qual to launch with a major new RTD range with impact.

Costa RTD1

Creating iconic, premium packaging

Estée Lauder wanted to create iconic packaging to reinforce and elevate brand status and create memorable experiences for both the lipstick and liquid lip categories.

Estee 1

Gordon's grasp gold at Grocer Drink Awards

Diageo wanted to launch a new range of ultra-low alcohol gin and tonic beverages, while delivering a classic Gordon’s experience.

Gordon s ultra low

Uncovering protein product potential

Weetabix wanted to launch a new high protein product to become the first mainstream UK breakfast cereal delivering against associated functional benefits.

Weetabix Protein Unveils Two New Digital Adverts scaled e1591712099198 1024x768 1

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