NEWS RELEASE: Harnessing The Power of The Senses - Introducing India's First Ad Hoc Sensory Panel

Mumbai, India: In an era where data dominates, global consumer insights agency MMR Research Worldwide is honing in on human sensory perception. With the launch of India's first ad hoc sensory panel, MMR will transform the product development landscape, catering to India's diverse cultural palate.

India's FMCG sector has witnessed exponential growth, driven by a rising population and shifting consumer preferences. Today, consumers want more than mere functionality - they seek experiences that ignite their senses and create lasting impressions.

MMR's sensory panel comprises a select group of experts with exceptional sensory acuity, reflecting the rich diversity of Indian tastes and preferences. The panel consists of:

Udita Srivastava, Sensory Senior Research Consultant, with an MSc in Food Technology and Processing, and five and a half years of experience advising major FMCG companies like PepsiCo and Unilever.

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Harsha Pore, Senior Sensory & Consumer Insights Consultant, known for her meticulous attention to detail and a trailblazer in creating innovative products in the FMCG and CPG sectors.

Shwetha Narayanamoorthy, Graduate Panel Leader, who brings unique insights into the Indian consumer landscape and has a proven track record of training effective panelists.

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Margaux Ducatillon, Sensory Head of Singapore & India at MMR, states, "The launch of India's first ad hoc sensory panel marks a major milestone for MMR Research India and the FMCG industry. The panel's expertise will guide FMCG brands in making informed decisions throughout product development. This, in turn, will enable the creation of sensory-rich products that differentiate brands in a saturated marketplace."

With their unique expertise, this panel will spur innovation, enhance product offerings, and solidify the bond between brands and their target audience. The era of sensory enlightenment has arrived, with MMR Research India's sensory panel spearheading the future of India's FMCG sector.