Estée Lauder: Iconic, Premium Lip Packaging

Estée Lauder wanted to create iconic packaging for the lipstick and liquid lip categories. Their goal was to reinforce and elevate their brand status while creating memorable experiences.

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We recruited a group of sensorially screened consumers to explore the full packaging experience in detail. The goal was to create a ‘Rulebook for Success’ to inform future packaging innovation.

Chosen for their creativity and articulacy, consumers provided valuable insight on packaging ideals including material, colour, design, weight, shape, and even the opening and closing mechanisms.


Three key emotional territories relating to an ‘iconic’ lip pack were identified, and our newly created rulebook for success identified opportunities for Estée Lauder to own all three across its brands. Each product attribute has its own set of rules, meaning Estée Lauder now have competitive edge and a clear point of reference when it comes to designing iconic, premium lip packaging.

With consumers in 2020 indicating that they wish to buy fewer (but better) products, this consideration will help Estée Lauder to remain relevant to the aspirations of global shoppers.

Estee lauder


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