The No & Low Show: breaking through in alcohol alternatives

Join us live with Heineken, Three Spirit and more as we discuss the future of No & Low Alcohol.

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View the full recording and download the presentation slides below.

Alcohol alternatives are taking off as more people seek to moderate their drinking habits. Sales projections are bullish - but success isn’t guaranteed.

So, what do consumers really think of No & Low beverages right now? Which brands are closing the sensory gap with alcohol? And how can they accelerate growth moving forward?

Join us live as we explore how to deliver better brand experiences for today’s more discerning drinker, with a wide range of perspectives from industry experts:

  • Aileen Bentall, Head of Brand Intelligence at Heineken
  • Dash Lily and Geyan Surendran, Founders at Three Spirit Drinks
  • Philip Brandes, Founder at Bravus
  • Ted Fleming, Founder at Partake Brewing
  • Erika Ollen, Founder at Gnista Spirits
  • The Sensory Research team at MMR Research
  • Host: Andrew Wardlaw, Chief Ideas Officer at MMR Research
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