Boosting Innovation Through The Power of Design Thinking

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Caroline Withers, Head of Innovation

07 Aug, 2018 | 2 minute read

Anyone who works in CPG innovation knows… it’s tough! Whatever your field, whatever your business model, developing new ideas, propositions, products or solutions can be really tricky.

There are ways to make it easier. From little brainstorming techniques to complete ideation programs, there are tools that are constantly evolving and improving to make innovation as simple and effective as possible.

One of these approaches is Design Thinking.

Design thinking brings together the strategies and processes of designers, with a crucial lens on human behavior to practically and creatively resolve challenges.

This human-focused design angle can be particularly appealing to new product development in Consumer-Packaged Goods manufacturers as developing innovations specifically tailored for the target customer is fundamental to the approach. This style of ideation has risen to prominence across a wide range of industries, with market research no exception.

At MMR we’ve taken design thinking to a new level to further boost our client-centric innovation pipeline, and future-proof our approaches with a global initiative. MMR’s Design Thinking Challenge has teams from all our regional hubs - New York, Shanghai, London, Oxford, Durban, Mumbai and Sao Paulo and across specialties, from researchers to statistics, fieldwork teams to survey programming all working together to explore client challenges and truly understand the problems facing our industry.

MMR teams are uncovering client-driven insights, defining the questions to drive ideation, brainstorming, developing solutions and delivering innovative approaches.

By embracing the tools and techniques of design thinking, the teams are excited to be focusing on the issues of market research from the viewpoint of our target customer – our clients! Want to hear more, we’ll keep you posted as we learn through the Design Thinking Challenge process, just watch this space!

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