Five Products: Powdered Beverages Back in Style

From ‘Severed Lime’ to Good Mood Mixes and Dry Blend Cocktail mixes, don’t underestimate the momentum of this typically unloved format.

Bottled beverages face a formidable new challenger. A familiar contender is back in the spotlight: powdered drinks. Long relegated to the back of the pantry, powdered beverages are experiencing a resurgence, fueled by a growing consumer demand for customization, portability, functionality and notably, sustainability. Their advantage lies in their reduced packaging and lighter weight, minimizing the environmental footprint associated with transportation and storage compared to their bulkier, bottled counterparts.

According to Skyquest, the flavored powder drinks market size was valued at USD 73.40 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 100.04 Billion by 2030. This shift in consumer preferences towards environmentally conscious choices presents a golden opportunity for FMCG producers to tap into the potential of this revitalized market segment.

This low-cost format makes sustainable choices accessible for a new generation of cash-strapped shoppers, who want to make a difference, but can rarely afford eco premiums.

Andrew Wardlaw, Chief Ideas Officer at MMR Research

Here, we look at five products that showcase the untapped potential of powders and are stirring up innovation in the powdered beverage scene.

1. Death Dust Electrolyte Mix (U.S.)

Liquid Death is expanding its product lineup and entering a new category with the introduction of "Death Dust" – an electrolyte drink mix to complement its line of still Mountain Water available in three flavors, including Severed Lime, Mango Chainsaw, and Convicted Melon. Death Dust promises to help consumers recover, whether it's from a long night out or a tough workout. All you have to do is open a packet up, pour it into the still Mountain Water can, mix it up, and instantly enjoy a flavored drink with five essential vitamins mixed in (C, B3, B5, B6, B12). The Death Dust Electrolyte mix is available in a box of twelve, giving consumers four powders of each flavor: Mango, Lime, and Melon.


2. Nestlé Nido soy-dairy milk blend (NG)

Nestlé launched their first affordable and nutritious instant powder in Central and West Africa that is made with a blend of milk and plant ingredients. By combining the "double goodness" of milk and locally sourced soy, it contains essential nutrients such as protein and fiber and is a source of iron and calcium. Developed locally by Nestlé experts at the regional R&D center in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, the versatile product can be enjoyed with a variety of cereals, porridges, and drinks. Nido Milk & Soya is now available in Nigeria. Nestlé's approach to combining dairy and plant-based ingredients not only enhances the product's nutritional benefits but also creates an exciting new flavor experience.

3. Psychedelic Water (US)

Viral brand Psychedelic Water has launched a new product line: Psychedelic Good Mood Mix which takes Psychedelic Water’s kava-based alcohol alternative and brings it to a new format: a powder drink mix. Native to the South Pacific, kava is known for its mood-elevating and physically relaxing effects. Psychedelic Good Mood Mix’s powder format is lightweight, making it highly portable. Stick packs can easily be tossed into a bag or purse, allowing Good Mood Mix to be enjoyed on the go or while traveling. The 'Good Mood Mix' offers an affordable kava-based product that promotes a positive mood, tapping into the health and wellness industry.


4. Clevr London Fog SuperLatte (US)

Clevr's recently launched London Fog SuperLatte is crafted with health in mind. The Earl Grey latte blend is infused with Indonesian vanilla and authentic Italian bergamot oil, delivering a unique blend of adaptogens, probiotics, and a gentle caffeine dose. Barista-approved and user-friendly, the London Fog SuperLatte is simply mixed with water and is ready to enjoy in seconds. Featuring approximately 14 servings per bag, this blend from Clevr promises health benefits like improved energy, a heightened sense of focus, stress relief aided by ashwagandha adaptogens, and an immunity boost from reishi mushrooms.

5. Dyma Brands Thirst Ease Cocktail & Mocktail dry-blend mixers (U.S.)

Dyma Brands announced the launch of its new cocktail and mocktail dry-blend mixers under its Thirst Ease brand. The mixers – which are available in margarita, strawberry daiquiri, and piña colada flavors – let consumers expand their drink options with ease and profitably, by requiring fewer additional ingredients. The Thirst Ease mixers offer “maximum profitability” by providing the flavor and quality of RTD bottled cocktail mixes at a lower cost. To enjoy these mixes all you need is the addition of water or spirits.


The powdered beverage market is no longer confined to nostalgic childhood favorites. Recent product launches demonstrate a wave of diversification and premiumization within the category. This category represents a unique opportunity for manufacturers to tap into the evolving consumer demands for customization, portability, functionality, and sustainability.

Manufacturers that embrace the potential of powdered drinks stand to gain by riding on increasing consumer interest. By focusing on sustainability, and personalization, they can tap into a growing market and meet the evolving needs of today's consumers. Remember, the future of hydration might just be a scoop away.

To benefit from this growing segment, MMR and its family of services can help you fast-track innovation – from designing concepts and packaging to rapid prototyping. And always with an expert sensory perspective. To make your brand experience less ordinary, contact us today.