Five Products: The Rise of Premium Dairy

Plant-based alternatives continue to make their case, but the global expansion of so-called middle-class consumers means that dairy’s immediate future is assured. According to Precedence Research, worldwide demand for dairy products will rise from US$ 481.7 billion in 2021 to US$ 640.8 billion by 2030.

That said, the industry is under pressure in key regions such as Europe and the United States. And with costs spiraling, producers are increasingly looking at premium propositions to safeguard margins and satisfy investors.

From the tempting allure of artisanal cheeses to the irresistible charm of gourmet ice creams, premium dairy is stealing the spotlight and making every bite a memorable experience. Here we uncover five products from around the world that are encouraging us to spend a little more.

1. Greenfields Extra (ID)

Greenfields Extra is a new line of flavored UHT milk products with added functionality. The milk comes from Greenfields' own farms and is processed within 48 hours to ensure freshness. The range supports a range of wellness goals. For example, Extra Glam is strawberry-flavored with collagen that supports skin radiance, whilst Extra Cheers claims to boost mood with Honey & Earl Grey. The range targets Indonesia’s younger generation who expects beverages with benefits.


2. TH True Yogurt Seeds and Rice (VN)

TH True recently unveiled their Yogurt Seeds and Rice range. They’re made using natural ingredients, including the dairy’s own milk supply. There are two flavors initially, Mango with Chia Seeds and Mango with Sticky Rice. These yogurts deliver a firm texture and reflect local tastes and claim to be a good source of protein and calcium, whilst low in fat and sugar.

3. Boursin Black Truffle and Sea Salt Flavored Cheese (USA)

In recent years, manufacturers have been switching on limited editions to capture audience attention and lift levels of excitement. And now Boursin has unveiled this limited-edition Black Truffle and Sea Salt edition. The cheese has a creamy texture and a rich, earthy flavor with hints of truffle and salt. The brand says that it is best enjoyed on its own, as part of a charcuterie board, or added to pasta dishes, flatbreads, or eggs. Sea salt adds a salty, briny flavor to the cheese. The combination of these two flavors increases levels of complexity – which is becoming mandatory for established categories seeking to stay relevant.


4. Whip Shot Vodka (USA)

Whip Shots are vodka-infused whipped cream products, and their latest line is suitably lime flavored, and was released in time for summer. It’s made using ultra-premium vodka and natural lime flavoring and even carries an ABV of 10%. It’s shelf-stable and made with ultra-premium vodka and natural flavors. It joins a range that spans vanilla, mocha, and caramel flavors. Together, they play the versatility card, with serving suggestions spanning cocktails, desserts and more.

5. Häagen-Dazs Cultured Crème (USA)

That legend in the freezer cabinet is now in the chiller in the USA! Haagen-Dazs Cultured Crème is a new yogurt snack that combines the rich taste and texture of its ice cream with the health benefits of yogurt. It is made with fresh milk and cream, a unique blend of dairy cultures, and real fruit. Each variety has fewer than nine ingredients and contains no artificial colors or flavors. The fermentation process for Cultured Crème is up to five times longer than traditional yogurt, which results in a thick, creamy texture that is reminiscent of ice cream. The unique blend of dairy cultures also gives Cultured Crème a smoother taste experience, unlike the slightly sour flavor of traditional yogurt. This is a big move for the brand, which will be hoping it can increase spending levels on yogurt like it did with ice cream many years ago.


The shift towards premium dairy is evidence of consumers' evolving preferences, even as the cost of living continues to bite. Premium dairy products are setting new standards for quality, taste, and nutritional value, and players like Häagen-Dazs are demonstrating that there is still headroom for heightened sensory reward.

Today, discerning shoppers seek indulgence and uniqueness in their dairy choices, leading to a surge in demand for artisanal cheese, grass-fed butter, organic Greek yogurt, and many other options.

To remain at the forefront of this dairy revolution, it’s important that we examine further opportunities that encourage consumers to trade up. If you need to kick-start your thinking, we are ready to share some ideas to get you started. Click on the link below and we’ll be in touch.