Five Products: The Frozen Snacks That Are Heating Up The Freezer

Frozen food is on the march, buoyed by its reputation for value, convenience, and reducing food waste. Future Market Insights has projected that the global frozen food category could almost double in size by 2032. Given an enormous boost to sales courtesy of a worldwide pandemic, 30% of Americans have since increased their freezer space according to AFFI Research. Many of these will be highly prized millennials who are more open to snacking (and will have the freezer space to store!).

So, from a time when the only frozen food products available were TV dinners and frozen vegetables, we’re seeing a constant expansion of exciting frozen snack products, five of which are illustrated below.

1. Van Leeuwen Glass Onion Ice-Cream

We all need a little mystery in our lives, and Van Leeuwen's newest limited edition Glass Onion ice cream is veiled in secrecy. The delectable collaboration between Van Leeuwen and Netflix was inspired by the popular movie Glass Onion. Thanks to the inclusion of Greek yogurt, honeycomb candies, and bourbon, caramelized onion jam, the dessert has an unusual blend of sweet, salty, and smoky flavors – which offer some clue on the pleasure about to happen.

5 Products Ice cream1
5 Products Smoothie2

2. Outshine Smoothie Cubes

In their first venture into the frozen smoothie market, Outshine, a brand best known for its healthy frozen fruit bars, has introduced Smoothie Cubes which helps busy people make real fruit smoothies without the need for a blender. Each flavor contains nutrients that support a range of health goals including the Go-Getter which has a tropical flavor, the Glow To which is a green smoothie, and the Gut Supporter which has a fruit-forward flavor.

3. McCain Cheesy Vegemite Lil’ Pizzas and Cheesy Vegemite Pizza Pockets

McCain's new line of Cheesy Vegemite Lil' Pizzas and Cheesy Vegemite Pizza Pockets features a collaboration between Australian spread - Vegemite, and McCain. The Lil' Pizzas are ready in five minutes using an air fryer while the Pizza Pockets are ready in only 70 seconds in the microwave, making them suited to after-school snacking.

5 Products Pizza3
5 Products Chuckles4

4. Woolworths Chuckles Malt Ice Cream

Woolworths South Africa has debuted a new ice cream line following the success of their much-loved Chuckles snack range.  Creating an expectation of an experience is the Malt Dairy Ice Cream 2 liter tub, box of Mini Malt Crunch Solos, and miniature malt dairy ice cream cones. A real favorite in MMR’s South Africa office!

5. THIS Isn't Streaky Bacon

THIS Isn't Streaky Bacon from UK plant-based meat company THIS provides another burst of hyper-realism amidst the increasing range of plant-based meal solutions that can now be found in the freezer. THIS says that its new product has three separate patent applications and uses THIS's plant-based fat, Fat 2.0, made from olive oil, to create a smoky, streaky vegan bacon product. THIS asserts that this product will remain succulent when exposed to high heat, and even crisp and brown, while offering 17 kcal per rasher.

5 Products Bacon5

There is no doubt that frozen food manufacturers are pushing boundaries to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers. From plant-based options to gourmet meals, there is a wide range of choices available for those looking for convenient and delicious frozen foods. As technology continues to advance and consumers become more health-conscious, we can expect to see even more exciting trends emerge in the frozen food market.

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