Future opportunities in innovation and sensory research

Five CLEAR themes shaping the future, and ways in which you can capitalize

The consumer and sensory insights industry is changing, rapidly.

From our conversations with clients working in the innovation and product space, we have identified what we believe are the 5 most important themes with regards to where research is heading. These are priorities that every consumer goods business should be focusing on

  • Connect with consumers
  • Leverage product experience
  • Explore beyond liking
  • Added value, agile research
  • Rewarding partnerships

The following videos explore each of these imperatives in turn – what they mean, why they are important, and ways in which you can capitalize from advances in methodology and technology.
We are actively innovating in each of these areas, with a clear ambition in mind: better quality of research, that truly adds value to client businesses, and brings commercial success.

Please sit back and enjoy the videos!

Connect with consumers

A search for deeper insights, leveraging new technology that’s attested, not just alluring

The research industry is facing some key challenges – consumer priorities are shifting, and traditional research methods are gradually becoming less effective.

This webinar focuses on some of the ways we are innovating with technology, developing future-facing methods to engage consumers in new and different ways.

Why is this important?

Better quality of response = better insights & recommendations = greater chances of commercial success for your products.

Leverage product experience

Leading the fight against the low attention economy with sensory-led innovation that builds brands’ mental availability

Innovating successfully is hard.

Recent research from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute shows that around a quarter of new products fail to survive just one year after launch.

Product really does matter, perhaps now more than ever.

This video showcases a few of our flagship sensory approaches and how they can help you to create successful product experiences which consumers will love.

Explore beyond liking

Expanding our understanding of what drives human behavior – decoding conscious & non-conscious elements

Simple metrics are the starting point of understanding performance, but product liking alone will only get you so far.

It’s important to understand consumers at a broader and a deeper level than just in relation to your product. These bigger picture insights can help you find the real new opportunities for targeted innovation.

Added value agile research

Energizing innovation investment with collaborative approaches that put consumers at the heart of the creative process

This video focuses on how technology can enhance research, innovation, and creative processes, highlighting certain ways we are experimenting, as well as our agile toolkit.

Specific focus on Innovation Communities. Efficient, flexible, and collaborative programs of research, placing the consumer at the heart of the innovation process, and helping you to create impactful new products, optimized for the consumer from the outset.

Rewarding partnerships

Relentlessly pursuing best in world outputs for clients to earn long-lasting relationships

It is important that clients have research partners who strive to go the extra mile for them, and who can add value to their businesses within projects and beyond.

This final video gives a quick snapshot of expertise available within the wider MMR family, and how we can partner with you to help create winning products.

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