How AI is revolutionizing consumer feedback in concept development

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Kathryn Chase

01 Jul, 2022 | 1 minute

At MMR we believe that consumers are core to the development of any CPG innovation. That’s why our new Concept Accelerator ensures we bring out consumer voices and put them at the heart of concept development - so much so that it can leapfrog the traditional steps of the concept development process, and bring out a deeper level of insight.

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We know that the voice of the consumer is not only important to us, but to you, too. We’re often asked “well, what do consumers say about that?”, and the truth is, there is much more power in showing what is being said - they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for us, being able to show consumer feedback in video format really helps bring that consumer viewpoint to life. This belief is at the core of Concept Accelerator, giving our clients extra insight into what consumers are saying. However, we also add another dimension to get you the clarity you need.

Our new solution allows us to not only capture consumer feedback via video, but understand how other consumers react to that video. How much does that opinion resonate with them? What’s missing? How can that improve the concept? We believe this not only gives extra credence to what is being said, but is also an engaging way for consumers to react and for us to understand their opinion, in a more realistic way. Innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and nor does the human voice. By opening up the possibilities and this interaction, we can gain greater and deeper understanding of consumer perceptions and expectations and in doing so, leapfrog the stop-start nature of some research, where individual pieces of research come together as a jigsaw puzzle to slowly uncover this big picture view.

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To allow us to leapfrog in this way, we are standing on the shoulders of (algorithmic) giants! Our in-house experts have developed AI and machine learning algorithms, to determine exactly what content consumers see. Whilst we think there is unique value in consumers evaluating consumers, the benefit is limited if the two have polar-opposite opinions. Put simply, our algorithms have been specially designed to curate – and quality-control – our video content, ensuring that it gets us to the right understanding, faster. The benefits of AI and machine learning are something our colleagues at NOVA have long talked about, as well as regularly discussing a tendency to mystify the use of AI and machine learning. Here, we have purposely designed our technology to be a transparent, integral part of our solution – so that we can ensure that, at heart, it acts as a platform for that consumer voice.

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