MMR Secures Exclusive Early Beta Access to Dall-E

MMR has secured exclusive and early beta access to Dall-E, a disruptive new AI system that can instantly create realistic, unique and compelling images from a text-based description alone.

Whilst clearly not a replacement for talented creatives, we’re excited by the opportunities Dall-E represents to tap into consumer expectations for winning product and packaging execution from a much earlier stage - without the need to commission design work or be limited by number of illustrations and sketches.

DALL E Article Image 1 hires
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The combination of Dall-E's breakthrough text-to-image technology with MMR’s unique blend of creative consumer co-creation approaches, our sensory deep dive to translate consumer feedback to specific direction for R&D, and ability to apply at scale for confidence in early-stage direction is a powerful blend. Not to mention the ability to supercharge stakeholder engagement with instant visualizations to bring findings to life.

With the flexibility to integrate this capability across our extensive innovation toolkit, access to Dall-E's technology gives us another way to deliver our commitment to put the consumer voice at the heart of the development process, deliver tangible results to accelerate progress and deliver solutions which drive ultimate efficiency for our clients.

How could Dall-E be used?

We believe utilizing Dall-E to rapidly visualize product and/or packaging routes prior to engaging a design agency will yield the greatest returns. This would allow for:

  • Feedback on which directions align with consumer expectations based on early-stage ideas (at both a qualitative and quantitative level)
  • Rapid iterative development with consumers to build upon and hone stimulus based on their feedbacks
  • Fuel ideation e.g., for seasonal/topical variations in any CPG category or category collaborations to effectively identify motivating territories
  • Quickly generate ‘distractor’ imagery for use in observational approaches to understand the potential impact of your new idea

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