NEWS RELEASE: MMR Research Welcomes Former Kantar Expert to Amplify Chatbot-Led Innovation for Deeper Consumer Engagement

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LONDON, UK: MMR Research, the leading independent consumer and sensory research agency, has announced the appointment of Ansie Collier as their new Global Innovation Director. With a rich background in market research and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, Ansie will lead an innovation escalation that will help clients connect with consumers like never before.

During her 18-year tenure at Kantar, Ansie held various regional and global roles with a focus on research innovation. Most recently, she led iLab, Kantar's global open innovation ecosystem. Her reputation as a forward-thinker and her passion for innovation has solidified her status as a respected voice in the industry.

In her new role, Ansie will build on the early success of MMR’s integration of chatbot technology into quantitative research to build creative “chatbot-led” solutions – building on MMR’s sensory and product specialism to fuel extraordinary innovation. This future-focused approach engages hard-to-reach audiences like Gen Z by meeting them where they are - in their always-connected mobile world. It recognizes the importance of engaging with participants on their own terms, fostering authenticity and openness. By using AI-powered, human-like guided conversations, the goal is to encourage people to share their stories honestly and authentically, giving us a glimpse into their real experiences and unlocking further depth of inspiration and direction for product development.

"We are excited about the possibilities of a chatbot-first research approach," Ansie stated. "It brings us closer to the consumer's world and offers a unique opportunity to understand their true feelings and opinions in their own words. To turn such intimate conversations into insights that matter, we turn to AI, delivering qualitative depth at a quantitative scale."

Beyond chatbots, Ansie envisions a transition to whole-hearted consumer engagement through voice interactions and multi-modal data analysis. She believes that through voice integration research will become less intrusive, and more aligned with how human communication is evolving in a digital world. Additionally, the integration of consumer-generated images and video at scale will provide richer, contextual insights, deepening the understanding of consumer experiences.

Ansie's vision for AI-powered whole-hearted consumer engagement aligns perfectly with MMR Research's commitment to facilitating more conversational style interaction with consumers through a suite of AI-powered solutions.

"We are thrilled to welcome Ansie to our team. Her track record of pushing the boundaries aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation," said Matthew Lintern, Global Managing Director at MMR Research. "Ansie’s infectious positivity and innovative spirit will be the driving force behind applying our principles and leveraging AI in our heartland sensory space."

With a renewed focus on authentic connections and innovative methodologies, MMR Research is well-equipped to provide clients with insights that not only answer questions but also inspire new ones. To explore partnership opportunities and revolutionize your approach to consumer engagement and product development, contact Ansie Collier at