Prebiotic Power: how Bio&Me are reshaping gut health innovation

"To make a difference, we have to be in more people's tummies"

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Andy Wardlaw

19 May, 2021 | 3 minute read

The latest recruit to the ‘Class of 2021’ series delivers first class health credentials. So, I check in with Jon Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder of gut health trailblazer Bio&Me following its recent Future Brands ‘Gold’ award. Oh, and there's brand new product news to tell as well!

For over a year, people have paid more attention to science. Health has become a more urgent affair. Softer ‘wellbeing’ pursuits are far from over, but we’re likely to see a harder edge.

Most commentators believe that health directed innovation is recession proof, but success is not guaranteed. While health is undoubtedly more important, and many people will want to spend more, tough economic times mean that people will also apply increased scrutiny to what is on offer.

And standing up to scrutiny is something that Bio&Me does amazingly well - earning its place in MMR's Class of 2021 series.

Bio Me 7

Bio&Me is the only granola, porridge and muesli brand to secure EFSA backing for this gut health claim!

It is the creation of gut health doctor Dr Megan Rossi, who has combined years of scientific learning with an understanding of a highly regulated food sector. Through Bio&Me, we are introduced to the intuitively powerful concept of nutrition diversity. Each product boasts 15 or more fibrous plant-based ingredients and can also carry the EFSA-approved ‘Good For Your Gut’ claim with pride.

Early this year, Bio&Me fought off fierce competition to convince judges, including myself, and win gold at the Food Matters Future Food & Drink Brands Awards.

“We were determined to bring true efficacy to the gut health space” says Jon, cofounder of the enterprise. “To make a difference, we have to be in more tummies and we’re doing this with a genuinely better product. We’ve even lowered our price in key retailers to make us more accessible to more people and so far, it is working.”

Bio Me 2

"Retailers were excited about gut health and saw us as a way of bringing authority and credibility to a sector still very much in its infancy."

Jon Walsh, Cofounder at Bio&Me

“Working with Dr Megan, I have gained a completely new understanding of maintaining good gut health. For example, I have learned that the reason we need fiber is to support our personal biome. It’s our bacteria that actually needs the fiber!”

Efficacy that’s felt.

Helping consumers understand the benefit is something we live and breathe at MMR. In an era where there are no bad products, we are quick to recognize innovation that reinforces a brand promise through the experience of pack and product. For Bio & Me, an evaluation by Alice Barker of our sensory unit provoked some highly positive commentary. “Right from the get-go, an expectation of tasty nutrition density and diversity is suggested by its sensory construction. The weight of the pack far exceeds what one might expect from a unit of this size, for example.”

Bio and me bio

“Nutrition diversity is clearly evident from the product’s appearance, and an elevated level of challenge in the chew does well to reinforce efficacy. There is a universal law, that you get more out if you put a little more effort in. And this is all part of the Bio&Me user experience.”

It was this user experience, together with the brand’s accessible brand character combined with an industry leading claim that left the Food Matters judges in no doubt that this was a winner.

Brand New

In an effort to maintain the momentum, Bio&Me has today, May 19th, 2021, launched a brand new product range, bringing gut health to the dairy yogurt category.

“In addition to our plant-based granolas, we knew that if we wanted to make an even bigger difference to the nations gut heath, we needed to launch into the dairy aisle. We’re extremely proud of this range as each of our pots has 750 billion cultures in; can again carry the EFSA-approved ‘good for your gut’ health claim; and has 18 of Megan’s favourite cultures, including BB-12 and LGG”.

Who am I to argue?

Bio Me 6

Bio&Me is ahead of its game. It is wellbeing with that harder edge I spoke about. And with a new yogurt range hitting the shelves, the gut health space is getting a shot of credibility that must surely help the sector reach the next level of public adoption.

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