Guinness Nitro Surge: Product UX

Elevating in-home experiences with UX technology

Guinness had developed new technology; a cap that attaches to the Guinness Draught can, providing a superior pour in-home and removing the need for a widget. But what do consumers think about this proposition? And how does the experience compare to drinking a pint in a pub?

Guinness nitro


We got to work recruiting target consumers, sending them prototype cans, caps and glassware before facilitating virtual qualitative groups.

We wanted to understand how consumers interacted with the product on their own and collectively during the groups. So we also ran some mini in-depth interviews in order to achieve this.

Once the groups had finished our consumers then recorded videos of how they would sell the product to their friends. This gave us richer learnings and a wealth of consumer language that would prove invaluable for Guinness when it came to developing comms around the product experience.

All of this took place during Covid lockdown.


The client was delighted with the outcome of the groups and the wealth of consumer insight that was generated around not only the product experience, but the overall proposition, comms and design too.

In September 2021, Guinness Nitro Surge was launched - and we are beyond excited to see how it performs in-market, and how other brands take note of Guinness stepping up and becoming a key player in product experience.

Check out the 'how to' video here.

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