Is your insect spray repelling insects – or consumers too?


Consumers often worry about the safety of insect repellant sprays with chemical-based ingredients. Based on this insight, Reckitt Benckiser developed and wanted to understand consumers’ acceptance of two new concepts, their preferences, and points for improvement.

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The project was fueled by MMR’s Concept Accelerator - an innovative method which is a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches. We collected qualitative video feedback from 20 consumers, and further quantitative feedback from 150 consumers, asking them to rank the concepts in order of preference, explain their decision, and provide feedback on how they could be further developed.


MMR identified that the two concepts assessed were both well-received by consumers and considered new and different. However, one concept performed significantly better than the other in its appeal and in the way it communicated its benefits, providing a clear direction on which concept to take forward for refinement. Moreover, the video content covering consumers’ likes, dislikes and their expectations provided valuable insight for product improvement and claims enhancement.

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