The Star Addition to Nivea’s Indulgent Body Wash Range


The US body wash market is crowded, and new launches must complement a brand’s in-market portfolio, increasing penetration rather than simply cannibalizing the current range. We wanted to understand how to build Nivea’s body wash range, starting with which product to prioritize as the next to market.

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Nivea CS Image 2


We used Range Explorer to assess four NPD ideas, within the context of the current range. We first collected consumers’ current repertoire before asking them which Nivea products they would buy and, crucially, would they replace anything within their current repertoire. Purchase frequency, functional expectations and emotional equities were also collected for a holistic understanding of the NPD ideas.


MMR identified that Star Fruit and Monoi Oil had most potential as the next addition to the Nivea range. Whilst others had slightly higher purchase interest, this idea complemented the existing range – extending its reach with the lowest cannibalization figures of all NPD ideas. MMR was also able to give step-by-step guidance on how to build the range out further.

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