Uncovering product performance against the competition

Our client had recently acquired a new brand and, in the absence of having any significant research budget for any formal benchmarking, wanted a “pulse check” to understand what consumers perceived to be the strengths and weaknesses of these products.


We sent consumers a box containing 3 products and asked them to record a video of their initial reactions upon opening the box, followed by detailed feedback on how the experience compared to their expectations.

Unboxing Comp Case Study Image 1
Unboxing Comp Case Study Image 2


The client’s products faired less well than the competitor and reinforced some hypotheses the client had but which they had no clear evidence to support:

1. The dark colourways used on pack weren’t cueing “treating” or “enjoyment” as much as the competitors’ and therefore it didn’t excite consumers as much at the first moment of truth

2. The product wasn’t living up to expectations set by the product name and on-pack communications. Consumers interpreted that this would be a good direct replacement for the unhealthier alternative but in reality the sensory experience differed in a lot of key ways.

Based on the technology and ingredients used to create the product, optimizing isn’t currently in scope but the brand are reviewing the pack in light of these learnings

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