Carmex: Understanding Product Performance for the Perfect Post-Launch Strategy


Carmex Naturally was launched in the UK during COVID. While the line gained distribution, it has not performed as well as expected. Carma Labs was looking to understand from their target audience the reasons behind the product’s performance.

Carmex CS Image 1
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MMR offered an opportunity to run a pilot of an innovative tech-enabled approach that enables qualitative exploration at scale. We moderated a live focus group with over 60 consumers joining the online session simultaneously. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and real time natural language processing (NLP) analytics allowed us to identify key topics and analyze the opinions that were most prevalent among participants. Instant availability of results enabled further acceleration of the research process.


The AI-powered focus group helped reveal the primary reason for poor performance of the product in the market. Moreover, capturing in-depth reactions to the product/packaging translated into clear pack optimization guidance feeding directly into the brand’s post-launch strategy.

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“We were impressed by the AI and NLP capabilities that enabled identifying themes and quickly getting broad consensus on the different individual opinions expressed as well as real time analysis at the click of a button. We see the AI-powered focus group as a powerful research tool that is fit for the future.”

Nick Naumann, Director, International Marketing & Brand Management, Carmex

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