Understanding the role of pack in the chocolate bar product experience

Our client wanted to understand the role of pack; how it influences consumer perceptions and expectations and impacts both their choices and experience.


We sent consumers a mystery box containing 6 chocolate bars and asked them to record a video of their initial reactions as they opened the box, detailed feedback on the aesthetics and functionality of each pack and perceived usage occasions for each product.

Unboxing CS Choc image 1
Unboxing CS Choc image 2


Consumers make their decisions long before they try the product. Ensuring your packaging is pulling its weight is key!

1. Packaging graphics and substrates impact perceived usage occasions – cardboard packs were perceived to be more luxurious, paper and plastic more everyday. This simple difference dictates the occasion, so if you are trying to compete in premium gifting occasions, plastic is unlikely to cut it!

2. You need to feel sustainable – consumers talked about sustainability in terms of whether they could put the pack in their recycling bin and they largely judged this by how the pack felt in their hand.

3. Pack functionality is key - consumers struggled to open packs, in some cases using their teeth, and videos even suggested that some packs which had opening mechanisms might not have been fully tested as consumers struggled to navigate how to use them.

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