Weetabix Melts: HFSS NPD

Achieving the impossible

With new restrictions on the promotion of high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products, Weetabix has created a range of cereals that not only play by the rules but do so with a touch of indulgence.

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Creating an entirely new range under one of the world’s most famous brands is no mean feat.

The aim was to achieve exceptional levels of consumer engagement! So, the breakfast behemoth partnered with MMR to help inform their decisions around product, pack and promotion support.

First, we activated large scale in‐home product testing to assess product delivery against a highly appealing concept. Much to everyone’s delight, we discovered that Weetabix had created an extraordinary breakfast experience.

Second, running a simulated shelf test highlighted an opportunity to raise distinctiveness of the pack – ensuring that shoppers were better able to identify the new range and the two different products: Milk and White Chocolate.

Third, our Data Sciences team worked alongside the Weetabix team, employing advanced analytics to optimize levels of in‐store and media support.


Working across elements of brand, pack and product optimization, we were able to offer Weetabix the clarity and confidence to optimize the total user experience – including changes to packaging and above the line support, which resulted in a £2.5m TV campaign.

And with the world now watching its waistline but still craving a little indulgence, we are excited to see how this new range develops.

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